Dodge halts Hellcat orders

This can be good or bad news for our Malagasy clients who are fans of car speed, power and torque. For those who already own one, your car value just probably got a 50% raise. For those who were planning to order one, well either you wait for a disappointed owner who will sell his (very unlikely) or you might just need to wait a little bit longer for a brand new one. See CNN original article here.
dodge hellcat srt

the Longoza, an amazing plant in the east coast of Madagascar

Located in the primary forest of the east coast of Madagascar, Longoza is a plant that has multiple virtues.Used by local habitant since centuries, look at this breath-taking video on how Maison Dior put focus on this flower by relating its origin, its incredible properties and mostly, how the plant is treated and has become a must ingredient among the “Capture Totale” technology within the Dior lines of beauty products.

one-serum ouvriere-longoza

Chocolaterie Robert, the flag of Madagascar chocolate

Founded in 1940, the Chocolaterie Robert was globally awarded several prizes in front of more than a hundred competitors; including many medals from the International Chocolate Awards: a gold medal for the 50% chocolate bar, a silver medal for the 85% black chocolate bar, a silver medal for the white chocolate bar with vanilla caviar … and a bronze medal for the black tablet 65%. See original article from “Madagascar Tribune”.

New and revamped website

Our previous site was outdated. That was the indelible fact. Therefore, we have decided to revamp our website and give it a new look so here it is. Send us comments. Critics are always welcome and much appreciated.